Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Week of Awesome - Day Two

Today didn't exactly go as planned. Mini-C and I were supposed to go into London to do some shopping. Unfortunately, we somehow ended up on:


Honestly, I don't know these things happen to us.

The next thing I knew, we were running away from the Daleks:

and the Cybermen:

We even had to walk through the forest with the Weeping Angels in, but we didn't take a photo because we all know what happens to the image of an Angel (plus, we were a bit too scared!).

But we did bump into some nicer people along the way, like the Face of Boe:

and a slightly dodgy looking Doctor:

By the time we managed to escape, we were too tired to go shopping, but I suppose, on reflection, it was a pretty awesome day.



Katie said...

Sounds amazing! I am pleased you had a good day!

Amber said...

Man, your Dr. Who adventure sounds more thrilling than my StarTrek adventure...I'm coming to your place.