Sunday, 13 February 2011

Stuff What Is In My Brain

Please note that coming up with titles is the worst part of blog writing for me. This post was almost titled 'the circle of life', but that felt cheesy as hell.

On Thursday this week I heard the news that a guy who used to run in my social circle had died. I didn't know him well at all, but he was such a recognisable character out and about, I'll miss seeing him. And I know a lot of my friends are grieving. It's hard to know that a good life has gone and to know of the future that should have been lived, especially in someone still young.

Then, yesterday I got a text from Ian to say that Emily has had their baby - a girl they've named Aoibheann Rose (that's pronounced AY-veen - I had to look it up...) - on the Friday night.

It seemed so moving that these two events happened one day after the next. One of those things that really makes you sit down and think.

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A Playful Day said...

It's strange isn't it, how life goes on? I lost a friend before Christmas. His profile popped up recently when I was inviting people to my event. It felt good and startling to see him all at once. Keep the memories fresh xx