Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Week of Awesome - Day Three

Today was a day of awesome mooching. I think that we've earned it over the last two days. In the morning, I did a lot of this:

(aren't my slippers awesome!). This photo is supposed to be a nice relaxed shot of my feet up, knitting at the ready. I hope it comes across well. What you don't know is that I took this photo just after I'd found out that I'd managed to go wrong somewhere in my pattern and had to tink back about 10 pairs of nupps (ten pairs, thats about 20 nupps tinked) which didn't line up correctly with the line below. I'd done my tinking and was about to re-do my mornings hard work, but I felt the need for a coffee break to try and calm the stress before I started. I snapped this photo on my break. I'm still not sure about whether or not I like nupps. I think they look pretty good in the patterns I've done with them in, I'm just not sure if they're worth the hassle.

Anyway, I spent my morning knitting, and stressing because I was tired and kept making mistakes, and occasionally reading a story out of The Secret Life of a Knitter by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee which made me feel better as I'm not the only knitter that makes mistakes and someone as awesome as the Yarn Harlot can, it's ok that I do.

I don't know what Mini-C did, she hid in her bedroom which I'm not allowed in.

We went out for lunch as this was a lazy day and it was less effort than making lunch. Then we went to see Gnomeo and Juliet which was very enjoyable and silly (perfect for lazy days).

Of course, the problem with moochy days is that once started, it's difficult to break that moochy feeling, so I'm going to stop writing now and go and sit on the sofa some more.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow, after a good night's rest.

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