Saturday, 26 February 2011

Week of Awesome - Day Five

For our last day of adventuring, Mini-C and I went to the London Aquarium. There we saw:




More sharks!

A crab riding on a ray! (top left)

The pictures aren't too great as flash photography wasn't allowed so I had to use my phone.

Since the last time we went, they had updated some bits of the Aquarium. They had a Shark Tunnel which was pretty cool, but the bit I really liked was the Shark Walk:

I wanted to get a picture of my feet with a shark going underneath, because that would have been awesome, but Mini-C was not as impressed by this bit as I was - she clung to edges on the way around, refusing to step on the clear bits. While I was standing waiting for a shark to go under me, she was desperately wanting to get back onto slightly more stable ground, so I couldn't hang around.

But all in all we had a good day. And this was a fantastic week, with loads of fun stuff and awesomeness.

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A Playful Day said...

I'm with Mini C- didn't you see Deep Blue Sea with the 'clever sharks'?!?)!?! They broke through glass and everything dude!