Friday, 22 October 2010

What the...?

A while ago, I was unable to finish my February Lady Sweater due to running out of yarn 4.5 rows from the end. I set it down (on the naughty step) and left it for a while. Then I needed to buy some more of the same yarn, but in a different colour and decided to suck it up and buy an additional skein in the colour of my sweater.

It arrived today and I picked my sweater back up. I decided to extend both of the sleeves by a few extra rows of garter stitch. I really like big blocks of garter to compliment the lace sections and I had done less rows the first time around to try and save yarn. So I grew both sleeves by 7 rows. Then I deicded to enlarge the bottom section for the same reason.

So I've unpicked the bind off and knitted two additional rows. Then I found it.

About four rows down and for four stitches, there is a random bit of stockinette amongst the garter.

What the...?

Now I originally knit this section of the sweater about 4-5 months ago and I have NO recollection at all of putting a random bit of stockinette in. And I'm sure thats something I'd remember.

Now do I leave it (it's unoticeable to anyone who doesn't know to look for it) or rip back for the sake of continuity?


Beth said...

Well, I'd love to see a picture :-) It sounds like you should just keep going and forget about the small bit of stockinette, unless it will drive you nuts.

I found this post on ravelry when I was looking for other people who've done the February Lady. I just completed mine and I LOVE it!

If you'd like to share your knitting projects,
I'd love if you came by my blog on Friday and linked this up to Fibers on Friday, a linky party dedicated to yarn :-)

chemicalika said...

I'll definitely be taking pictures now I've finished the whole thing. It's on my very long list of things to do.

Thanks for the invite, I'll definitely stop by on Friday and join in the fibre fun.