Saturday, 16 October 2010


When I get a cold, the bit before hand goes through a few stages. First, I feel kind pants for a few days - I can feel my sinuses filling up and I feel headachey and run down. Then I sneeze continuously for a couple of minutes - this is the real start of the cold. Then I feel pants in general for a number of weeks.

I just sneezed forteen times in a row.

Hello Cold.

Another kind of cold I am experiencing at the moment is the 'central heating will be in in a week' kind of cold. The kind of 'it's colder in my house than it is outside and it's October' kind of cold. One more week and this should be over. But it's going to be one seriously cold week. A week charaterised by my desire to cart my duvet everywhere (I love love love my duvet).

Have I mentioned I dislike the cold??

Tonight's post is bought to you courtesy of a copious amount of red wine.

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