Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Yesterday was my birthday.

I think it was the best and nicest birthday I've had for a while. I was really touched by what my work colleagues gave me:

This unrolls to become:

A needle roll! It has wooden straights from 3mm to 6mm. Granted, it's probably not something I would have bought for myself, but this is from people who will happily admit that the most they know about knitting is that I enjoy it, so I was really pleased that they had put so much thought into my gift.

And actually it meant I could re-cast on for a Hypernova Scarf I'd cast on for earlier. I've had this super variegated lace weight for a while and I haven't really known what to do with it, but I thought this would work well. I was using 3.75mm needles, but I wasn't happy with the gauge and wanted to drop down a few sizes, but my 3.5mm's were in another project and I didn't have any 3mm's. So I re-cast on:

I haven't used straights for such a long time. I feel like Bambi again, all fingers and thumbs and it's so slow! I'm determined to keep at it though!

Then, in the evening, I went to a friends house for a barbeque.

There was fabulous company and lots of lovely food:

All in all, a brilliant day. And I still have another two celebrations to go - one with some other friends and one with my family. And I'm determined that this will be the best year ever!


Karen said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday!!

Yarndancer said...

Happy birthday!! I've been using my straight needles recently too - it was very awkward at first, but I soon got the rhythm back! Have fun at your other birthday celebrations! :D