Monday, 27 September 2010

All a bit too much

Sometimes living on my own just plain sucks.

On Saturday I was trying on a dress I haven't worn for a while when the zip got stuck. I couldn't do it up the last inch or two or pull it down at all. Luckily I decided to wear it out anyway and then somehow managed to get it back off without having to cut it off later that night, but it would have been handy to have someone to help.

Then yesterday I had stinking hangover from hell. Now, I am of the opinion that a hangover is fully self inflicted and therefore deserving of no sympathy. But it would have been amazing to have someone make food for me (and maybe give me a little sympathy).

And today, I have just seen a spider on the wall near my back door. Spiders I can mostly cope with (I ignore them til they go away) but this one is roughly the size of my foot. It is at least as large as the tarantulas I've seen in the zoo. I'm not happy about this and I want someone to come over and get rid of it for me. Not kill it, just get rid of it. Instead I shall pretend I never saw it.

Also, I feel really quite ill. I almost never get indegestion - if I'm going to get ill it's going to be a cold/run down/headachey. But I've had a horrible stomach ache all day and it's just getting worse. Goin to curl up in bed and wish that today never happened.

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