Wednesday, 15 September 2010


For the past week and a half I have, except for Tuesdays and weekends, been coming home and having a nap for an hour or two, then getting back up to do whatever evening activity I have to do. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Obviously a better solution would be sleeping more at night, but there's so much to be doing. It's quite nice to be able to sleep for an extra little while, but I am very bleary when I get back up - probably not a good state to be driving in!

In other news, Echo Flowers is progressing at a still slightly slow rate. I've completed the ten repeats of the flower chart I had planned to do (the pattern calls for eight repeats for the shawlette version and thirteen for the shawl - I'm going for somewhere in the middle, but I think I may have more yarn than I thought and probably could have done at least one extra repeat) and am just over halfway through the border chart (row 11 of 16). Should be done by the weekend I think. Hopefully.

Work got a little challenging this week. A student had a meltdown in front of me on Monday - it was a very emotionally fraught situation to be in. I ended up with a bottle of pinotage, but still stuggled to sleep that night. I've spoken to the student since though and they are doing ok now.

The weather is definitely on the turn - it's cold in the mornings, the evenings are drawing in, the leaves are starting to drop and the spider webs are clogging up my garden path. I typically love autumn, it's my absolute favourite season. From starting to wrap up in hand knits, curling up in front of the (fake) fire with a hot chocolate listening to the wind whistle around the house, stomping through the crunchy leaves like a five year old and the colours. Oh the colours are some of my favourites too. After Echo Flowers is done I have a plan for a Muir () stole in a chocolate brown, and I have a skein of autumnal coloured Touch 2Ply yarn which I haven't decided what to make with yet. Unforunately so far, this autumn has just been wet. Very, very wet.

Still, I'm curled up with a blanket and a decaff coffee. Almost there...

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