Friday, 8 April 2011

Reasons to be cheerful

This week has been odd. It started of well, the good mood of Sunday continued and I got some good news and spent good times with good friends and good food (made by me!). Then Wednesday hit and I was put in an odd situation at work that I wasn't overly happy with. And of course it's the end of term and I'm shattered, so 'not overly happy' became blown out of all proportion. So here, I am, bringing you reasons I have to smile instead of concentrating on the bad:

- It is absolutely beautiful outside - blue sky, not a cloud in sight, gloriously warm
- So I spent part of the evening in a beer garden
- Celebrating the fact that this term is over and I have two weeks off
- To knit.
- Every day this week I have come home from work and made myself a pot of tea

- And, inspired by the lovely A Playful Day, listened to a podcast (sadly, she only has one official podcast up, so I have tuned onto NeverNotKnitting as well and am slowly making my way through her back catalouge)
- Which means I have been reaching my goal of turning off my TV more often.
- Whilst listening to podcasts I have been doing lots of work on my Percy Shawl
- Which, after hating it for a while and putting it down and sulking about it, suddenly clicked for me on Sunday
- And I became a little obsessed
- And I love it.
- The good news I got on Monday is that I am on a course to learn how to become a judge at gymnastics competitions
- I'm a little excited
- And can't wait until May.
- My Colchicaceae Shawl has broken 100 'loves' on the 11 Shawls in 2011 FO thread on Rav
- And has been 'favourited' by 21 people
- Making it my most admired piece of knitting so far
- Which makes me very happy.
- (Which might be a little pathetic, but I don't care).

So life is good. I just need to stop and remind myself on occaision.


P'cess said...

Now it's been faved by 22 people :)

PJ said...

I love posts like this, they remind me to be cheerful, too!

Amber said...

What a fantastic teapot/cup set! I like it.

It's a fantastic shawl. You should be proud! :Dre

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having a great time :)

Keri said...

It shawl deserves to have that many hearts, it's stunning. I really need to do knitting with beads. I noticed in your profile that your learning ATS. Have so much fun. I left caberet style and did only ATS for 3 years. The costuming alone is awesome.

P'cess said...

Return comment from my blog: I'm pretty sure you'll finish the rock Island before I even start...
Thanks for your visit!

Carmela Biscuit said...

The Colchicaceae shawl is really gorgeous (and faved now by 24 people :). Actually, I think all of your shawls are exquisite, but the color of this No 6 and the beads - it's something to brag about (I would :)