Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Practice, practice, practice

It's been a truly beautiful day, so I have spent a good part of it sat out in the garden where I have been cracking on with my knitting and practicing taking pictures. I am trying to vaguely teach myself about how to use my camera. I'm very jealous when I see amazing shots like these, so, whilst I am no where near this kind of level, I can aim to be one day.

So while I was outside, in the sunshine with my camera and my knitting and it being a Wednesday and all, I thought 'why not join in Tami's Amis WIP Wednesday?'

Trouble is, lace don't really look like a lot until it's blocked out. Mostly, it just looks like noodles. So you may just have to take my word when I say that Rock Island is going well. The pattern suggests that you use 4mm needles. Of course, this would be the one size of needle that I left in Norwich - 100 miles away! So I thought to myself 'lets see how the 4.5mm goes'. It worked. Kinda. Big stitches, but as my sister pointed out, it made it look 'more lacey'. All was going swimmingly until I had done 36 repeats of the edge pattern (which is halfway through the repeats plus the turn repeat) and decided to measure it. 47 inches. This seemed excessive. Plus, I was worried that I would run out of yarn at this rate.

My sister offered to lend me her 4mm needles until I return to Norwich and can swap in mine. With a heavy heart, I ripped out the two days worth of work on the edging and re-cast on with the smaller needles. When I got through 36 repeats I measured it again, just to see. 38 inches. How has going down POINT FIVE of a MILLIMETRE reduced this band by NINE INCHES?!? I'm still not sure that that maths work in my head, but it has.

I'm now through with the edging and almost done with the garter repeats.

Next the lace part of the body. This is a really interesting construction - I've never seen one made quite like this. I'm enjoying the fact that the stitch count is going to decrease to nothing, so even if the repeats seem epic for the time being, soon it will dwindle away.

Actually, that seems a little sad.

Then I will have a beautiful and shiny new shawl to wear.

Thats better.


Sandy said...

The flowers look lovely. We're starting to see some color here, but now we've got so much rain, even though the flowers have come up, nothing is opening. sighhhhhh

Lace...on my list of things to try again, (didn't do well last time round).

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are beautiful!
I love your attitude. There is nothing wrong with ripping and reknitting to get just what you want. Your shawl is coming along nicely.

A Playful Day said...

My page split when I sensed you were going to rip out. I paged down with heavy heart

But it was saved- it's looking great!

PJ said...

That's fascinating that .5mm can make such a HUGE difference! Though now I'm suddenly doing math in my head and wondering how large I could make this...

Charlotte said...

I love flower photography, one of my favourite things to do is macro shots, (up close and personal photos of the flowers) they just show them in a completely different way, and your shots always turn out great novice or beginner! (My display picture is one of my macro shots :) )

I adore that shawl. I got a little upset when you frogged two days of intense knitting, but after seeing the second go, I'll forgive you! (It looks fab!)

Anonymous said...

oh that shawl looks liek it is going to be lovely! I like the lace design!!

Tami Klockau said...

Thanks for joining us for WIPW! I think you're photos are pretty and the flowers beautiful.

WOW, I can't believe that small of a needle size would change your project that much. So glad you ripped it out and started over. You'll be glad you did. The pattern is beautiful and can't wait to see the finished project. Please do share it with us when you finish on FO Friday!

Sandy said...

Happy Easter, just started a little linky love, come play.