Sunday, 11 October 2009

Lack of news

I've been quiet lately because I haven't really done too much lately. I'm still working on my CS5 project, which is coming up nicely, but taking it's time. This is the problem with making a big-ish project with sock weight yarn. And the pattern itself is kinda boring, but effective. Overall it's gonna take a bit more time, which isn't good as I wanted to get the parcel out before the last day this time, and that is rapidly coming up.

My mittens still need one more thumb on and the finishing to do, and my cowl is almost done, just two more ends to weave in and blocking, but I still haven't actually done it. Which is no good as it's getting really quite cold now.

Work is continuing more and more along a Jeremy Kyle theme and I'm desperately looking forward to half term which is in two weeks time. I'm so tired, and I've had a rotten cold for about three weeks now which really sucks. Hopefully a week off will help me get better and give me more time for knitting.

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