Monday, 28 December 2009


So I haven't updated for a while. But in fairness, I've had good reason. Half term was not the excitement I was hoping for and something bad happened and I haven't felt like updating.

But I have been knitting. I finished my Colour Swap 5 project with a little time to spare and it appears to have been loved by it's new owner which I'm grateful for. She has certainly been kind in her praise anyway.

Since then, I have made:
- a stole using Zauberball in reds, golden browns and ambers which is very pretty and was worn to my work's Christmas do.
- three dishcloths for Lisa's Christmas present - including a Dalek one.
- a hat using the Cascade Rustic I received in Colour Swap 4.
- a scarf using Arucania Ranco in peacock colours which is stunning and sort of goes with the hat.
- started on a triangular shawl using another skein of the Ranco yarn.

But I have still not finished the fingerless mitts.

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