Saturday, 12 September 2009


So this week at work has been kinda rubbish. We've been extraordinarily busy and at one point at the beginning of the week it looked likely that we had had our break and lunchtimes taken away from us as we have been put on duty (i.e. watching the kids in the canteen, making sure they don't fight etc) every day. We know have this sorted and so only have to do breaktime duty one day a week (mine if friday) and although we do all lunchtimes, we will get paid for it (yeay, more money = more yarn!)

However, by the time I got home on monday (yes, only one day into a very long term), I decided I needed to buy something exciting and new to cheer myself up. Something I'd been thinking about getting for a while, but hadn't quite treated mself to yet.

Yes, I bought a Turkish Drop Spindle.

So I have been doing a little bit of spinning. At the moment it is still driving me mad as I can't quite seem to get it, but I think I'm improving. I think my first yarn will be single ply and mostly worsted weight (mostly because I so far fail at keeping it even and so is kinda thick and thin). Hopefully I will have enough to make myself a scarf with it. Plus, with an added binus that Norfolk Yarns sell corridale tops for just £1.50, I should be able to get lots and lots. Yeay!

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