Saturday, 5 September 2009

Not being selfish

Well apparantly I am a glutton for punishment. Just after I finished typing my last entry, I decided that the project I had made for my swap partner wasn't enough and it was very important that I should do another one. But I should still send my parcel out the following day. So I found a small project and I knitted (then WoW'd) and knitted until almost 1.30am when it was all finished except for being cast off, having ends weaved in and blocked. I got up early the next day in order to finish it off, finish the first project and finish wrapping and packing everything before taking it to the post office before 12.30pm.

I made it. By the skin of my teeth. So one parcel was finished and on it's way (or, shortly to be on it's way as I'd missed the last post).

One more to go.

The next day (Sunday) was spent picking up the stitches around the hooded baby blanket in order to make the border. Wednesday I finished that and blocked the baby chalice lace blanket. Thursday I went back to work (despite not feeling even vaguely rested or relaxed thanks to stressy holiday), but was still able to weave in all ends (and all correctly - I'm finding it much easier to do this now I know how to do it properly). And finally, yesterday (Friday) I packaged them up beautifully with a little note to Stef and Neil (mostly about how to wash them) and took them to the post office so they have now also started on their way.

I'm actually really enjoying this knitting for other people. I'm normally a very selfish knitter, but I've liked sending things off to people - especially when they don't know it's coming.

Pictures will follow at some point soon as I have actually managed to take some of my FO's!

So yesterday, I cast on two new projects. Firstly I decided to use some of the yarn Kara has given to me from her gran's stash (her gran no longer being able to knit) to cast on for Branching Out. The yarn I've picked (from the two enormous and filled to the top bin bags) is a fuzzy (probably some degree of mohair, but with something else added (acrylic?) to make it softer) somewhere between lace and DK weight in a bright duck egg blue with sparkles in. Not much of the yarn Kara donated has the labels on, so I am mostly guessing (though there is a lot of mohair in there).

The other project is finally making use of the beautiful Dream in Color Starry I bought a while ago which is burgundy with 2% silver fibre. The yarn is so beautiful I decided it didn't need a complicated pattern in order to show it off, so I've picked the Susie's Reading Mitts from this site. It's been quite cold these past few days and so apparantly I've been in the mood to make lots and lots of mittens/scarves/cowls/hats - and I keep looking for new patterns to make even more!

In other news, I *dinged* 80 on my druid (this is WoWspeak), went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (to celebrate my last day of freedom) and started back at work - it's like I never had a holiday already.

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