Saturday, 15 March 2008

Tempting II

Having now finished Fetching (I'll be posting them off to my mother tomorrow in time for her birthday), the project currently driving me mad is Tempting II. I've knitted the body to be as long as the pattern says, but when I hold it up against me it seems like there's a good two inches of belly that's going to show, so I'm just keeping on going. I checked out some other blog posts and it does look like a lot of people have added at least 1" to the suggested length, but I'm worried about running out of yarn. I think I need to measure the length of my torso as I've had problems with patterns not fitting my (actually not that) tall frame before.

In other news this week has been absolutely exhausting and I've spent most of today wanting to go back to bed, but after a 12 hour sleep last night it would seem a little excessive. I've also been thinking a lot more about the possibility of going into teaching. I'm kinda torn as it makes sense for me to go into it, but I'm not feeling any sort of 'calling' at the moment. Though as I'd like to keep working at my job for at least another year (though preferrably to see my current year 9's finish their GCSE's) I don't need to make a decision right now. It would just be nice to start coming up with a career path for myself.

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