Tuesday, 11 March 2008

New Knitty

So, new knitty is up and despite my comments yesterday, there is a pattern, that involves cabling that I really like. In fact there's quite a few patterns on there that I can see myself doing in the near future. Though one of the fun bits about being so new to the whole knitting obsession is making my way through the knitty backcatelog.

Today I cast on for the other glove for Fetching. I was planning on doing this for most of the evening but I tripped rather spectacularly over one of my other projects and managed to pull out a couple of stitches so I had to spend some time fixing that too.

At work I found out that next Tuesday I have a training session after work which means I might not be able to go and coach at the gym. Well, it's gonna be one or tother, I can't do both. I'm annoyed less because of the fact that I'll have to miss coaching and more because work seems to be slowly taking over more and more of my life and stopping me from doing the things I enjoy. Bah. Still, I'm feeling all full of tea (decaff of course) and am looking forward to curling up in bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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