Wednesday, 6 July 2011

In review

I was planning on posting up a review of some yarn I purchased a few weeks ago along with my WIP's. Unfortunately I just popped onto the website so that I could link back to it, to find out that it has been taken down due to a health scare. The message says that they are looking to bring the site back up, but will be cutting back on the yarns they carry. I'm hoping that the one I'm reviewing will not be one cut back, so I'm going to post the review anyway.

A few weeks ago, one Sunday evening, I decided to buy some yarn. I'd been thinking of trying to knit a quick stole to match the dress I'd ordered to wear to the school Prom (for the students I work with - I'm not 16!). I'd been umming and ahhing for a while as I was looking for a yarn that seemed to be impossible to find - light laceweight, in black and cheap with good yardage. Yeah, I'm pretty demanding!

While doing my research, I stumbled across Heirloom Knitting. Their Merino Lace fit the bill perfectly! 2 ply 100% merino, in a huge variety of colours, with 375 metres per 25 gram ball and at £3.25 per ball extremely affordable.

I ordered on the Sunday evening. On the Monday afternoon I got an e-mail saying they were really sorry, but the black was out of stock and they were unlikely to get any more in, would I like charcoal grey instead? I said OK since the dress I'd ordered was grey. The yarn arrived on Tuesday. Hows that for service!

I've really enjoyed working with this yarn. It's lovely and soft, the ply is fairly loose and it's working up beautifully and the finished item will be light and flowing and fairly stretchy. I really hope this is one of the yarns that Heirloom Knitting continue to carry as I would definitely be happy to add more to my stash.

Only problem is, the pattern, whilst visually stunning is a boring knit. It's made up of only two different rows repeated a number of times each. Also, the Prom was last week and the stole wasn't ready. But then my dress didn't arrive either, so at least I now have until next year!

In other news, the blue shawl is finally moving along after several false starts.

Hopefully I'll have it done by next Friday and will be able to take it to Knit Nation (so excited!)

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Amber said...

A health scare with yarn? Is it infested with fleas? I'm intrigued.

Beautiful shawls, as always. I'm planning a trip to come steal them all. ;)

Sam Findlay said...

Lovely shawls, shame your charcoal one wasn't ready in time and that your dress didn't arrive! It will look lovely next year though!

Affiknitty said...

That's too bad about Heirloom Knitting. It is lovely yarn. Both your stale and your shawl are beautiful.

autumngeisha said...

Both projects are coming along beautifully. The stole is so pretty in that gray.

Sandy said...

Weren't you afraid to use the yarn after they posted the health scare? And what would the health scare be? I'm curious, bed bugs? Moths?
Love the gray shawl, what boring pattern did you use? I like easy repeats.

Yarndancer said...

Both your shawls look gorgeous! Love the blue colour.

CraftyClare said...

curious too about the health scare???? The charcoal shawl looks amazing