Thursday, 14 July 2011

Enthuse me?

This time tomorrow I hope to be in London. Catching up with my family and planning with my sister for the following day. Knit Nation.

I should be thrilled and excited and unable to sit still. Instead, I am sleepy and exhausted and have had a headache for more than a week. It's called end-of-term-itis.

In two days time, I will be surrounded by the best fibres and colours available to the UK. I'm really hoping that I will be able to enjoy it while I'm there.

I was hoping to be able to take my blue shawl with me, but sadly I had forgotten how long a crochet bind off takes. I'm maybe a quarter of the way through, but probably not quite. So it;s not going to be done for another few days I would have thought.

Probably I would have been done by now if, last weekend, I had not picked up a book. I read a lot. I always have a book on the go and I can't imagine a day going by in which I do not read. However, as a dyslexic (with Meares Irelens), I am a slow reader. So for me to have sucked up an entire almost 400 page book in three evenings, it has to be a good book, so I am eager to recommend it here. The book was Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes. It's a compelling read about a relationship that descends into domestic abuse on one side and the recovery coming out of it - both told simultaneously. If you have been unfortunate enough to be caught in a controlling relationship, I can imagine that this book would be triggering, so maybe not a recommendation for you, because it seems so amazingly realistic. Whilst I am a reader, it's rare I find a book I do not want to put down, but this was one - I was more interested in finding out what happened next that in knitting! - and now I've finished, I want to read it again, right now.

Now I just need to get this excited about Knit Nation. Someone enthuse me?

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Amber said...

You should be very excited right now. You should be at Knit Nation. You should be seeing all the pretty yarns, and possibly meeting the voice behind "A Playful Day." And you should know, that I am turning green with envy.