Friday, 12 November 2010

Growing as a knitter

This week has been horrible in general and right now I'm kicking back with a glass of wine and hoping to catch up on some serious sleeping.

I've been so tired all week that I haven't done much knitting at all. I did do a couple more rows on my Muir stole last weekend, but in the evenings during the week I haven't done more than a few rows of stockinette on the Colour Swap handmades.

But I wanted to post in order to celebrate the creation of my first item done from my head and not from a pattern.


I shall definitely be taking pictures of this one to post once the parcel has been received (it's a secret swap) as I'm quite proud of this. I still have the finishing and a pair to make, but I'm just so pleased that it worked the first time.

In other ways, I got my other swap parcel this week and it was quite fantastic:

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