Saturday, 1 August 2009

Baby Blanket

Well, I went to Stash Yarns on Tuesday and managed to pick up some Dream in Color in the colourway Black Parade. It's a beautiful black with flashes of greens and browns that kinda reminds me of a blackbirds wing. I know it's a slightly odd colour choice for a baby blanket, but as I keep reminding myself, baby's Mum (my friend Steph) is a trad goth.

So I cast on that day and managed to get a whole two repeats of the lace pattern done (it's a 20 row repeat) and it was looking much better than my first attempt. Less busy anyhow. And I've carried on at the same kind of speed right up until today (Saturday) when I finished it. I still need to weave in ends (but this process makes me mad as I just can't do it right) and block it somehow, but it's finished. Already.

I even used a new (for me) bind off - the Sewn Bind Off - as I don't like how a Basic Bind Off looks. The Sewn Bind Off is a lot more time consuming, but I liked to edge much better. If I use it again (which I probably will) I will probably do it on the wrong side row though as on this one it has added an extra row and the edge will look much neater.

I have also (in my 'I'm on holiday and am therefore knitting like a crazy thing' state) have done part 1 and 3a of my swap project. I will post about what it is when my partner had received her project, but I don't want her to find out in advance, so make of this what you will.

I have also decided that I really really want to make the February Lady Sweater ( and even started looking into yarns before I realised that I still need to finish the swap project, my Blackrose socks, sort out my Juno Regina stole and start off two other projects for which I have already bought the yarn (some beautiful Malabrigo Worsted that will be a cowl and some stunning Dream in Color Starry which is burgendy with silver fibre) as well as use the yarn originally intended for the Baby Chalice blanket for something else (probably baby related).

Oh, and I've just found out I have left my needles in Norwich...

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