Monday, 27 July 2009

I think I have finally worked out the issues with this blog, so hopefully I will be able to update it a little more often (though my knitting is going very slowly, so there is not much to update).

At the moment I am on summer holiday once more, which is very good. This past year has seemed very long at times. I broke up last Friday (17th July) and have pretty much been on Brownie Pack Holiday ever since. In spite of the name, this is not much of a holiday for the people running it. It's more like working all day every day. I finished on the one with my unit (leaving a good quantity of them throwing up as some kind of bug went around) and travelled down to London to help out with my sister's one. There was less vomiting on this one, though a girl did step on a nail which right up into her foot. And this time I was the first aider and so had to deal with it. Luckily I know a little bit about these kinds of foot injuries aving very recently decided it was a good idea to walk home barefoot from the pub and having stepped on something which decided to stay inside of my heel. I did the same for her that the walk-in clinic I went to did for me and gave her a big padded plaster.

The holidays have given me a very small time to knit (more than an average day does...), so I have made some progress on the magic loop socks I have been working on. The heel was turned during day 1 of the first one and I am now some way through the foot (probably just under half). I have, however, made absolutely no progress on the two projects I am making for other people. The baby blanket did get off the ground to some extent, but the yarn I picked is too busy for the pattern, so I'm going to go to Stash Yarns in Putney tomorrow to try and get hold of some nice Dream in Color - thankfully baby is not due until September 5th after all. And the other project is for a swap package that has also somewhat stalled. I have picked up a few bits and bobs, but no yarn and am not close to finishing the project yet. I really need to get a move on, but thankfully I will have lots of time over the next few weeks.

Once I've recovered from Pack Holidays though.

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