Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The countdown begins...

I think my life has been consumed by Christmas knitting. And Christmas making stuff (I'm brewing some homemade mead for my brother's Christmas present. I hope it's going well - it's bubbling away merrily, but there seems to be something settling on the bottom).

However, at the start of this month I did cast on for a sweater. My first one in ages. And this time I am determined to make it fit! And wear it! So I decided to go for the Effortless Cardigan by Hannah Fettig (I am nothing if not hopeful), figuring that as an open cardigan, it would be less both if it didn't fit perfectly than, say, a pullover.

At the start of this week, I finished the main body:

And so far - touch wood - it mostly seems to be ok, fit-wise. I say 'mostly ok' because it is an open cardigan and at the moment it's not draping properly. I'm fairly sure this is because it doesn't have the weight from the edging and hasn't yet been blocked - this yarn (Araucania Nature Wool Solids) definitely softens up on blocking, so I'm still holding out hope this will work out (and not turn out like my February Lady Sweater which, upon blocking, went from being a good length just below where my trousers sit, to being somewhere around my knees!)

I'm even being a good girl and, as the yarn is semi-solid kettle dyed, alternating skeins. The colour is looking good and varied as a result, which I'm pleased about. I'm also Russian Joining as I'm lazy and don't like weaving in the ends.

I will just give you one sneak peek look at some Christmas knitting and you can try and guess what it is (and if it'll be done in time!):

I'll give you a clue - it's not a mini-sock or a mini-glove (or a mini anything, really).

In other exciting news, I have gone and joined that Twitter thing. You can find me on it here, and so far I seem to be better at it than I have been at blogging lately! It would be nice to know some more people on there though as so far I am following 47 people and have 12 people following me, which seems a little sad in Twitter terms, where most people seem to be in touch with thousands!

Also, there are more WIPs this Wednesday on Tami's Amis.


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