Saturday, 13 August 2011

Had Enough Now

What a rubbish week.

I've already written about my numberplates being stolen on Tuesday while we were out trying to help clean up London. Incidentely, this is a really irritating kind of crime. As I don't typically live in London, am only here on holiday, all my paperwork pertaining to my ownership of the vehicle is 100 miles away, so trying to get replacements has been a nightmare and I'm not allowed to drive because I only have temporary plates. So I went to the DVLA today and I've finally got the paperwork I needed and the plates are on order, but not until I'd been treated like I was the criminal and messed around for over an hour.

On Wednesday morning, I found a massive blob of something nasty looking and black sploged in the middle of my sister's windscreen. Upon cleaning, it was discovered the be a dark purple and smell of Vimto, so we suspect it was fruit. Further investigation showed a patch on the back bumper or my car and my sister's boot no longer stays open when it's unlocked, so we also suspect it was climbed over. We also found a dead pigeon in our front garden. No kidding.

Then on Thursday morning, my mother woke me up early-ish (for a holiday) as on her way to work she had noticed that my front passenger side window had been smashed in. The glove box was open and had been rifled through, but nothing had been taken. Well, my CD player plays CD's, not MP3's, and I doubt I have the same music taste as the young thugs who have taken such a liking to my car.

The police (who I called after the plates went and after the smashed window) have been asking me if I've done something to annoy someone. I've replied that I'd have to be pretty damn annoying to put someone's nose out of joint from 100 miles away. But for whatever reason I've been targeted lately, I'd really like it to stop now.


A Playful Day said...

I'm sorry love I really am.

P'cess said...

Awww, so sorry baby!

It just sucks when faceless jerks destroy your stuff just to destroy stuff!

Many hugs and cuddles for you!

PJ said...

What a nightmare, I'm so sorry you're having to deal with that! And even if you DID "annoy" someone (can't believe they even asked that), them messing up your stuff is still a crime!