Thursday, 21 August 2008

Lots of updating

So, I haven't been able to log into this for ages, for some reason. I'm not enitrely sure how I got into it now in fact.

So, I've been on summer holiday which has been all good. So far I've spent some time at home, took the Brownies away on Pack Holiday and spent a week on an all inclusive trip to Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt (which was just wonderful, no thanks to the tour company (never travel with Thomas Cook) or the fact that I picked up a tummy bug which I still have).

I've also finished my Adipose for the Ravelry Doctor Who Adipose knit-a-long which should be sent to the BBC by Mazzmatazz (hopefully it will be well knit enough). I've also knitted two Coachellas which have turned out to be my favourite knit in absolutely ages - really easy to do and look fantastic on. Unfortunately the first one has stretched enormously (not sure if this is down to the yarn (Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in New Age Teal) or the pattern). I'm going to try and block it smaller or shrink it a little. I'm a little worried that the second one will stretch as much. Whilst in Egypt I cast on for Yosemite, but haven't managed to get further than the first three rows as BOTH times I managed to twist the stitches when joining for the round - something I've never done before and now I'm done it twice on the same project. I'm not sure this is meant to be! One more try and then I'll have to find another project for the yarn (Rowan Calmer in Chocolate Brown).

Today was GCSE results day, so I popped into school to see the kids. It was heaving with them and most of them did at least what was expected, if not better. There were a few disappointments, as there always are, but most of the kids I spoke to had managed to secure college places or had already got jobs, which was really good news. I'm not sure what our figures are, but apparantly they're better than last year - not that we could have done much worse!

I got to hear some of the gossip as well. Apparantly the school business manager along with her partner the head of facilities (glorified caretaker) were suspended and she was escourted offsite by police! She has since handd in her resignation! Which may mean for once that we could be in with a shot of someone actually listening when we try and tell them that its not far that people who sit in an office all day get paid more than us! Not that there's anything wrong with being school admin, but we're on the frontline, we should at least be paid equal!

Now I've got to try and decide if I'm going to go to knitting club or not. I would like to, especially when I went two weeks ago after not having been for ages to find that a woman I worked with for two years has started going, but due to this tummy bug I've not been feeling to good today. Not sure how good an idea it will be to be out of the house for long, though I did manage it this morning. Will probably be ok as long as I don't eat anything.

This was a massive update. Hopefully I'll be able to get into this before too long so it won't have to go as long with no blogging.

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